Hamburger America

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Sometimes it’s one of those days that you find a diamond. This is one of them, the book Hamburger America. And they also made a documentary. This is treat for the eye. It’s absolutely amazing.

Burgers are beyond anything people have could imagine, the impact. Burgers have been around in so many forms and already for so many years.

In this book George Motz goes on a travel throughout whole America to find 150 burger joints finding the perfect burger. And that is the catch, there is no perfect burger, only good burgers and not good burgers. You got the normal burger, the fully greased burger (where they pour the whole burger in butter) and the fried burger which is amazing. I’ve tried it, but you can only handle one of those bad boys.

When you have time check out their trailer, buy the book (which comes together with the movie on DVD) and enjoy the burger ride.