Guy Fieri

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What a guy, what an energy. If I could have only 10% of his energy that would be amazing. He is famous for his TV shows for Diners, Dive-Ins and Dives, Guys Big Bite and more. He is really amazing.

He is the truly American guy who can eat literally anything and enjoy the heck out of it. As an American food lover this is an amazing guy.

Till late at night I watch his tv shows on Netflix with my homecooked food in front of me. One of the awesome things is, is that he is fond of hamburgers, something I’m very fond of as well.

The magnificent wonders which goes into a burger is beyond believe. Making a burger sound easy, and it can be easy, but it depends on how juicy you want it to be. Wait. I’m I talking about burgers again. Back to Guy Fieri, the man.

His style comes straight out of the music videos of Limp Bizkit and Wheetus Dirtbag but he just doesn’t care. And it works for him. Just Google, food guy white hair and he will pop up. That’s marketing. That’s magic.