Food time! It’s clearly food time again! After the zillions of TV-shows, Blogs, Magazines and more this will be another food blog. And do you know why? Because you are still craving for more.

A person lives 365 days a year, and will become an average of 80 years old. Meaning you will have to eat 29.200 meals in your entire life. Imagine how sick you would become if you only ate potatoes, all year round.

That’s why humans created Food Bloggers! To give you ideas, to do the work for you. To make it into an EXPERIENCE. A Food experience. Enjoy reading and of course follow other travelling bloggers like myself as well. We all love your support!

Bon apetite!

Ps. Why the name TheBeach House Restaurant? Because that’s my ultimate dream. I’m working and learning all about food so I can start the perfect Beach House Restaurant. Great food, and a normal homey vibe.